Necrotic Mutation


Artwork by Jeff Leblanc, Mike Gauthier

Artwork by Jeff Leblanc

The Realm Of Human Illusions

1. The Psycho Path  

Burning deep inside me, a passion so intense
Exploring sweet sorts of pain to their most extreme forms
Unquenchable thirst of suffering
Lustfulness grows as I try to satisfy

A powerful thrill of malevolent desires
Prevails over me and my reason
Made me kill without the slightest compulsion

River of insanity flowing through the desert of dreams
When I close my eyes, my memory breed phantasm

I've experienced so much banned pleasures
Like staring at your eyes while you die
The instant before they were ebullient
Then while the knife digs it's way up to the heart
Your eyes become empty
Lifeless and absent
I've savored the least moments
(I'm reborn each time)

Life begins where once was void
Now I feel, I feel free
In the black blood of my crimes
I will be christed...

Delusive world, irreversibly addicted
It's the only thing that brings warmth within me
Evil seeds have germinated into
The fertile soil of human dreams...

Who has dehumanized my conception of the world?
Why has all this happened? I've just done what you've showed to me
Pain is my companion, sharing all that I've learned from her
It's my way of telling the world that I exist...

Love is a word unknown to me
Can I give what I've never received?
Alone I try to understand
But it too late now, my hands are red...

2. Feeding on Human Flesh  

Served carbonized
Dissected bodies
What a cannibal's feast on rotting meat?
Take your pieces...

Munching the guts of restless corpses
Drinking the pus flowing from the chest

Putrefied, the melting organs
Digging up corpses to consume their flesh

While eating a pulse was felt
Consuming living
Sucking enzymes from eyeballs
How gory can you get?
The smell of putrefaction
Goes straight to my cells
Crunching on bones
These are the remains

Of what used to be
Feeding on human flesh

3. Behind The Veil  

All is illusion, my lucid vision
Of what's tangible, senses are deceitful
Lift the veil from this shapeless world
To reveal the essence of our existence
Misconceive conception of reality

Behind the veil, a secret lie
The keys of comprehension
Giving access to the doors of perception
Step across the threshold
Of the temple of knowledge

Mental forces, set free
As I discover purity
Inner transformation
Of the foundations of my being
Constructed with wisdom
The domain of harmony
But how many of you befouled their soul through their body?

The way is long to perfection
I shall not falter
Beware of ignorance
Which is the mother
Of Murderous Madness and Aberration

New found state of mind has brought me to understand
That good and evil exist in symbiosis
The one means nothing without the other
(So why do they want ot destroy each other?)

To both you have to submit to serve the god you pray to
Why should I be servant when I can be master?
Not focusing on these pseudo-deities
Spiritually centered on humanity
Eden on earth if we live together
Not self-regard and egotistical

Love, respect, humanity.
My form of philosophy

I am ……Omnipotent
(Awake the god inside of you)

4. The Mask of Lunacy  

Fragmentation of the personality
Diffraction of the conscious self
A myriad of deviant identities
Resides in my being, denatured chrysalis

Living like a puppet, Who's pulling the strings?
Impermanent state of lucidity
Spiritual eclipse comes to its zenith
No, not again, psychotic failure

The mask of lunacy... I put on...

Primitive instinct inhibited my thoughts
If you're found here tonight, you'll be found here tomorrow

Killing to appease, I've retrieved my peace of mind
(But fo how long?)

Rising from oblivion , feeling strange sensations
Images blind my vision, two hands, a cry, a neck
Is this reality or just my fantasy?

But what is all this blood doing on my hands?

5. Nothing Just A Dream  

It starts as a mist, sinous, hypnotic
Slowly taking a human form
It ends as a woman

Her eyes, paralyse me
I cannot move
Suddenly she's close
Is this a dream?

Fluttering softly above
A presence of scent
And movement slow and fast
Warm breath and murmured words... merge

Something about the night
Eternal darkness and a gift
Then spiraling blackness
Veiled in shifting white mist

Gone, woman and mist
Nothing just a dream
The other night, she came again
Licking around my neck
She rose floating away
The soul of night itself
Her lips so sweet and red

The moon becomes my sun
Immortality, embraces me
(As I, do you?)

6. Day Of Mourning  

Banshee has sung her funeral lament
Why didn't I hear her cold voice?

Taken away, on death's wing
Your soul has left hte confinements of human illusion

Unforeseen, death's elusive way...
The sun has risen on this day of mourning

Time seems to stop, emotions are all on edge
Sharing the sorrow, tribute to the missing

Like a ray of light he was piercing through the darkened sky
The look in his eyes, how can I forget?
Mirror of the anima...

Why? Why did you die?

What remains of you, engraved in my heart
Undying memories, imbued with your thoughts

(The Empire is forged to create, we'll meet again…)

Cet album est dedié à la mémoire de David Landry

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